Fresh Voices 3.0


Virtual astrology summit celebrating diversity and inclusion in astrology.

What is the Fresh Voices in Astrology Summit?

Your host Kirah Tabourn and 12 other gifted astrologers share insights that will illuminate your connection with the cosmos.

Our presenters speak, teach, write and consult others as professional astrologers. They represent many approaches and backgrounds, and many have active and popular blogs, advance-booked consulting practices, a thriving social media presence, and/or inspire through teaching astrology.

One thing we all have in common: a mission to connect with others through astrology in order to facilitate healing, empowerment and informed choices.

Our mission is to support diversity in the astrological community, provide a platform for sharing new and innovative work, and facilitate a space for cross-discipline dialogue among the many astrological approaches we know and love.

Meet Your Speakers

Mychal A. Bryan | he/him
Horary Astrology & the Natal Promise

Zamboni Funk | he/him
Saturn, Stop Being So Mean! On Remediating Difficult Transits

Alice Sparkly Kat | they/them
If Astrology is a Language, Whose Language is it?

Drew Levanti | he/him
Electional Astrology: Choice, Agency, Surrender

Deon Mitchell | they/them
Agender Astrology: How We’ve Outgrown the Gender Binary and What to Do About It

Sabrina Monarch | she/her
Karma in Practice: The Nodes of the Moon

Michael J. Morris | they/them/their
Celestial Corporeality: Astrology and the Body

Tracey L. Rogers | she/her

Bear Ryver | he/him
The Moon as the Roots of Self Discovery & Empowerment

Six @BlackWomenCry | She/they
Holistically Addressing Sex in Astrology

Aaya Samadhi | she/her
Self Love & Empowerment Through Astrology

Taylor Ursula | she/her
Surviving the Saturn / Uranus Showdown of 2021

Your Host - Kirah Tabourn | she/her