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Virtual astrology summit featuring some of the hottest new astrologers in the industry.

Lecture Descriptions

Mychal A. Bryan | he/him

Horary Astrology & the Natal Promise 
Your Natal Chart holds the answers to every meaningful Question you can ever pose within the course of your life. A Horary Chart can only reveal the answer to a burning question that has first been triggered in your natal chart. Learn how to follow the Golden Thread from the Horary Moment back to your natal chart and even into your Solar Return chart to see how these three charts fit together and how using this method can make you an all around better Astrologer.
@thetruedivinationpodcast (Instagram)

Zamboni Funk | he/him

Saturn, Stop Being So Mean! On Remediating Difficult Transits
So, you see a rough transit coming. Are you doomed? Do you just have to live in a personal hell until Saturn moves off your Moon? Or can you be a little more proactive and work with the planets to ease the flow? In this lecture, I’ll discuss basic principles for consciously engaging with difficult times and avoiding worst outcomes.
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Alice Sparkly Kat | they/them

If Astrology is a Language, Whose Language is It?
I’d like to look at western astrology in the United States as a settler colonial cosmology and ask questions about how to misuse/take over this language. Topics that I’d like to explore include: the controversy and parallax nature of Venus through the word of Jodi Byrd, essential dignities and sovereignty, and interrogating modern astrology as modernity. This lecture will not be a teaching of any one of these topics but a participatory discussion designed for those who are already somewhat familiar with planet archetypes, dignities, and the differences between traditional and modern astrologies.
@alicesparklykat (twitter and IG)

Drew Levanti | he/him

Electional Astrology: Choice, Agency, Surrender
Electional astrology provides techniques for selecting promising times for important actions. In this lecture, Drew reflects on the nature of electional astrology as both a rules-based system, and as a pathfinding practice, full of potential for dialogue with the divine. He presents some of electional astrology’s common rules, the interaction of the election with the nativity, and what we gain by acknowledging the limits of the practice. In addition to electional astrology’s conventional associations with individual will, choice and agency, Drew proposes framing the craft in terms of cosmic collaboration, embrace and surrender.
Twitter and IG: @anthrosophist

Deon Mitchell | they/them

Agender Astrology: How We’ve Outgrown the Gender Binary and What to Do About It
Gender in astrology often does more harm than good. From reinforcing patriarchal beliefs about how men and women should act, to excluding transgender and non-binary people entirely, astrologers of the 21st century are well within our rights to exclude gender and its interpretative principles from our astrologies.

This is the first step to developing an astrology that acknowledges and works for everyone.

Instagram & Twitter: @astrobydeon


Sabrina Monarch | she/her

Karma in Practice: The Nodes of the Moon 
The nodes of the Moon in a natal chart are an opening to explore an individual’s karma. The nodes of the Moon speak to past life themes and an arch of personality development in this lifetime. In this talk, we will explore a working definition of karma (that is specifically not punitive), how personality and karma are connected, and how personal development and the nodal axis can be connected in personal practice. Becoming self-aware of one’s nodal axis is a way to locate one’s karmic lessons in this incarnation, and this is knowledge, as it is also a practice. This talk primarily draws on teachings of modern and evolutionary astrology as an entry point for working with the nodes, but we will also weave in a Vedic lens of the nodes as the head and tail of a dragon. While the North Node can be seen as aspirational in western astrology, the North Node (as head of a dragon) has an edge too. If the nodes are however, this karmic dragon, it can be profoundly transformative to get to know this deep inner-force through studying one’s own nodal axis.
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Michael J. Morris | they/them/their

Celestial Corporeality: Astrology and the Body
In this talk, Michael J. Morris centers the body as a grounding source for making meaning and considers ways in which astrology both derives its significance from and provides a guide for feeling our ways back into embodied experience. As we work with the archetypal language of astrology and practice becoming more attentive to the felt movements and states that stir within our bodies as we make meaning with the sky, how might we come into more connection with more of our potential—who we are, who we have been, and who we can become?
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Tracey L. Rogers | She/Her

Imagine living in a world where education assessments were based on the placement of Mercury at one’s time of birth, instead of standardized testing. Whether you are an educator, parent, or simply wanting to enhance your own mental capacity and intellect, this presentation will focus on how best to fully utilize the influence of Mercury to teach, learn, retain knowledge and information. /
IG: @trae2u / @baby_astrology_and_books | Twitter: @rofrtrae2u | YouTube: Randomness of Rudy | Facebook: Tracey L. Rogers Astrology/Life Coaching

Bear Ryver | he/him

The Moon as the Roots of Self-Discovery & Empowerment
Astrology has the power to accelerate personal discovery and growth when explored as an indicator of previous experience and current conditions. Through an exploration of the significations of the Moon (including the Sun and the Nodes), you’ll learn how to navigate the upcoming lunations as a lunar workout for your natal chart.
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Six @BlackWomenCry | She/they

Holistically Addressing Sex in Astrology
In this lecture, Six will challenge the notion that sex exists within one house within our birth chart. There will be a careful examination of the intersections between our birth chart and our lived identity. This lecture will be a beginners level introduction to psychology, astrology, and sexuality.
@blackwomencry (tiktok/Instagram/twitter/YouTube)


Aaya Samadhi | she/her

Self Love & Empowerment Through Astrology
Through this lecture, I will discuss the power of astrology through self love and self empowerment. We will discuss how each planet can help you dive deeper into self love and empowering yourself as a person.
Instagram: @aayasamadhi Facebook: Aaya Samadhi

Taylor Ursula | she/her

Surviving the Saturn / Uranus Showdown of 2021
Saturn and Uranus square three times between Valentine’s Day and Christmas 2021 – a look at the nature of these confrontations and the implications they may reveal as we rebuild the world around us.
IG & twitter @thatssopisces