Fresh Voices in Astrology

August 3-4, 2019

Live your best life by lighting up your cosmic connection.








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Fresh Voices. 12 webinars. 2 days.

Virtual astrology summit featuring some of the hottest new astrologers in the industry.

Rebecca Gordon

Presenting: How to Predict Your Next 12 Months

Jasmine Richardson

Presenting: Counseling the Alchemical Goddess

Vanessa Montgomery

Presenting: The Astrology of Peak Unicorn, Mindfulness...and Millennial Pink!

Nathan Mitchell

Presenting: Mars, Aries, and Scorpio. Living at Your Physical and Emotional Edge.

Shakirah Tabourn

Presenting: Millennials and Beyond: An Astrological View of Generations

Thea Wirsching

Presenting: The Rhythm of Self-Care: Ceres in the Birth Chart

Cameron Allen

Presenting: Saturn - Restructuring the Limitations and Boundaries

Sonja Francis

Presenting: React vs. Respond - Where in the Chart Can We Learn About Our Emotional Maturity?

Timothy Halloran

Presenting: Healing Approaches in Birth Chart Interpretation

Theo Naicker

Presenting: Decoding Jupiter and Saturn Return Charts

LeAnn Lacey

Presenting: Astrology, Alchemy and Jung - Transformations of the Soul

Priya Kale

Presenting: Chiron - The Masterkey

Samuel Reynolds


Presenting: Bonus content - The Astrological Destiny of African Americans

Eliza Robertson


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What is the Fresh Voices in Astrology Summit?

This summit is a 2-day virtual event, recorded August 3-4, 2019. Your hosts Samuel Reynolds and Eliza Robertson will be joined by 12 other gifted astrologers to share insights that will illuminate your connection with the cosmos.

Our presenters speak, teach, write and consult as professional astrologers. They represent varied approaches and backgrounds, and many have active and popular blogs, thriving consulting practices, a bustling social media presence, and/or inspire through teaching astrology.

One thing we all have in common: a mission to connect with others through astrology in order to facilitate healing, empowerment and informed choices.

Our Mission: to support diversity in the astrological community, provide a platform for sharing new and innovative work, and facilitate a space for cross-discipline dialogue among the many astrological approaches we know and love.

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