The Elements of Health

In this class astrologer and naturopath Kira Sutherland takes you on a journey through the 4 astrological elements with a vantage point on how they correlate with health.

You'll learn to identify the range of experience related to each element (earth, water, fire and air) and/or how each element can impact our health when in excess or deficiency.

How can we utilize our elemental profile from our natal chart to live a healthier, more balanced life?

The first half of this class explores the gifts and lessons of each element. The second half is a dynamic affair looking at the application of principles learned through example charts.

Typical of Kira’s teaching style, this class will give you both theory of medical astrology as well as practical applications for daily life.

1 hr. 30 min. | includes video recording, audio file and slides


Also includes Kira's Class: Basics of Modern Medical Astrology

Discover the astrological principles of health and disease and how these play out in each Sun Sign.

In this introductory lecture, you'll learn simple-to-use activities, foods and herbal teas to help balance the Natal chart and enjoy a part of astrology that once went hand in hand with medicine.

1 hr. 40 min. | includes video recording, audio file and slides

You get *lifetime access* to this course with your purchase. 


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