Fresh Voices 3.0


Virtual astrology summit featuring some of the hottest new astrologers in the industry.

Speaker Bios

Deja Lewis | She/They

Déjà Lewis is a traditional astrologer who is deeply passionate about developing a life philosophy using astrology, spirituality, transformative justice, and self expression. She has been practicing for over a year and recently began practicing vocational astrology and spends most of her time focusing on community cultivations and content creation for YouTube and Patreon.

Óscar Moisés Díaz | they/them

Òscar Moisés Díaz is a poet-astrologer, film curator, and visual artist. They’ve exhibited art in places such as the 10th Central American Biennial, International Film Festival of El Salvador, Queens Museum, The Museum of Art El Salvador, and a solo exhibit at The Museum of Contemporary Art Costa Rica. They are an inaugural Curatorial Fellow at the Poetry Project, NYC. A member of Tierra Narrative and a contributing editor at Asphalte Magazine. Recent poems can be found in A Gathering Of the Tribes (online), Schlag Magazine and Screen Door Review.

ET (Erin T) Shipley | she/her

Erin Tack Shipley is a liberation-centered astrologer. She works to help people see themselves clearly and affirm their purpose, without burning out or abusing wellness tools. Erin provides astrological guidance to socially-conscious individuals through 1:1 counseling, written content, and live workshops. Over the last decade she has worked as an advocate, educator and capacity-builder within multiple intersectional feminist organizations, learning first-hand the challenges that pervade social justice environments. Erin focuses her astrological praxis at the intersection of wellness and social justice because she understands how vital the relationship between them is for liberation – and how often that relationship turns toxic. In her consulting work, Erin helps clients decondition from systems and stories of oppression, navigate extreme life changes, and prepare for living and dying well on a damaged planet.

Ari Felix| they/them

Ari Felix is a counseling astrologer, writer, and bruje providing emotional support for apocalypse. Their practice is dedicated to creating a new paradigm and being in right relationship with the gods of time, power, pleasure, and other fundamentals of sovereignty. Grief literacy, movement trauma, deconditioning from oppression, and relationship anarchy are their areas of skill and deep focus.

Alyssia Osorio | she/her or they/them

Alyssia (Praxis Astrology) is an organizer, astrologer, and artist based out of Oakland. She hosts the Drunk Astrology Happy Hour, and currently working on certification through the Portland Astrology School. Brining 12 years of social justice movement building experience to her astrological work, Alyssia focuses on Black, queer liberation and traditional astrology.

E.Y. Washington

E.Y. Washington is a Black, Queer astrologer dedicated to embodying the heights and happiness of heaven. His dedication to failure and curiosity has led him to glittering opportunities such as serving on the advisory board of Mercury’s Brood and appearing as a guest on The Strology Show. If you’d like to book a consultation with them, please visit:


Pallas K. Augustine | they/them

Pallas K. Augustine is a consulting astrologer, educator, and writer. Their practice is rooted in a relational approach that aims to deeply connect us with our non-human and non-living kin as well as to each other. By acknowledging and investing in ecological concerns, land relations, animist spiritualities, and ancestral healing, Pallas’ work goes beyond self-reflection and towards regeneration of intricate and nuanced interrelationship. Pallas holds an M.A. specializing in the poetics and politics of place, queerness, and trauma. The research for their book-length work on the IC is supported by their Patreon at

Amaya Rourke | she/her

Amaya Rourke is a professional animist-astrologer who specializes in traditional and fixed star astrology. She guides people in cultivating a personal and deeply nourishing relationship with the more-than-human world through consultations and classes on astrology, astrological magic, folk magic, and occult herbalism. When Amaya’s not buried in a pile of books, she’s taking long walks in the forest, playing with her crazy dog, or expressing her heart through artmaking.

Mo Olufemi | she/her/hers

Mo is US-born, Toronto-based traditional astrologer who specializes in Solar Returns and other Hellenistic or Medieval timing techniques. She is also versed in the combination of Tarot with Astrological Correspondences via the Golden Dawn traditions. In particular, she focuses on utilizing the lesser dignities such as triplicity, bounds, and decans to provide extra nuances when it comes to delineating charts.y

Diana Rose Harper | She/her

Diana Rose Harper is an astrologer, tarot reader, writer, & educator based in Southern California. Her practice is built upon a ferociously compassionate foundation, and is aimed at helping others learn how to human well through the profound insights found in stars & cards. She was been an invited speaker at NORWAC 2020 and 2021, and is a repeat guest on the Astrology Podcast & The Strology Show.

djenneba drammeh | she/her/they/them she/her

djenneba drammeh is a writer and astrologer based in Brooklyn, NY. They direct the astro-literary anthology Mercury’s Brood: a collection of astrological essays, poems, and visual art, curated with a black queer feminist lens, launching Fall 2021. djenneba is currently working on her first novel, a Gambian-American narrative steeped in jinns and second-gen cultural dissonance, while also editing the Mercury’s Brood project.

Katia Perez Fuentes (KPF)| they/them

KATIA PÉREZ FUENTES is a visual artist, cultural administrator, and neo-classical astrologer. KPF is a creative problem solver, overall. They’re passionate about opportunities for self-actualization through leisure; consciously building engagements for ‘rest, play, ritual, celebration, and learning’ outside capitalist ideologies. KPF identifies as a queer, brown, non-binary Mexican American migrant. They’re a community builder with a radical intersectional lens and antiracism framework. Pérez has over five years of experience leading equity strategies as an organizer, program facilitator, public arts manager, and museum professional with ties to Albuquerque, Chicago, and beyond. KPF’s metaphysical practices continue to be informed by independent field research and a global connection to esoteric peers. Their professional training comes primarily from the Oraculos School of Astrology, lead by Uranian & Renaissance astrologer Mychal A Bryan. Perez is currently the community coordinator for various astro-initiatives directed by Kirah Tabourn, of The Strology. They’re a first-generation graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.