Fresh Voices 3.0


Virtual astrology summit featuring some of the hottest new astrologers in the industry.

Speaker Bios

Mychal A. Bryan | he/him

Mychal A. Bryan, NCGR-PAA III, CSH-II is a certified professional Astrologer, broadcast journalist, and hypnotherapist living and practicing in Nassau, Bahamas. He is thoroughly trained in both Renaissance and Uranian Astrology by the leading Astrologers in those fields. He is a lifelong student and practitioner of the Western Mystery Tradition of which Astrology, Hermeticism, and the Qabalistic Tarot are central pillars. He is the founder of the Oraculos School of Astrology where he offers a comprehensive training in concrete, practical and deeply soulful Astrology. He is the creator of the Oraculos True Divination Podcast which can be found on YouTube. In 2020 he created the Blind Chart Reading Academy where he teaches Astrologers how to become even sharper in their chart delineation skills through blind chart analysis using classical methods, harmonics, and midpoints.
@thetruedivinationpodcast (Instagram)

Zamboni Funk | he/him

Tim Zamboni is an astrologer, musician, and herbalist living in New York City. He writes a daily astrology column online @ZamboniFunk on Instagram, where he explores the interplay of time, heaven, and agent. He also teaches astromagical and metaphysical basics on  With the aid of the Cosmic Slime of Being, Funk, he writes and sings in pursuit of perfect timing. Does anybody know what time it is?
@zambonifunk on instagram

Alice Sparkly Kat | they/them

Alice Sparkly Kat is a queer, PoC astrologer. They use astrology to re-chart a history of the subconscious, redefine the body in world, and reimagine history as collective memory. Their astrological work has inhabited MoMA, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Hauser and Wirth. They’re friendly, located in Brooklyn, and available for readings in person or by phone at! Follow them on Instagram at @alicesparklykat for astrology memes and content.
@alicesparklykat (twitter and IG)

Drew Levanti | he/him

Drew Levanti is a consulting astrologer who specializes in natal and electional astrology. With a foundation in the ancient tradition of Hellenistic astrology, Drew blends technique with intuition, heart, and a passion for the patterns of life. For clients, his offerings center astrology as a practical tool for timing life decisions, while leaning into everyday enchantment, wonder, and divinity. Drew is based in Chicago, the occupied and unceded land of the Miami, Peoria, Potawatomi and Kickapoo.
Twitter and IG: @anthrosophist

Deon Mitchell | they/them

Deon Mitchell is an 18 year-old Black, non-binary, traditional astrologer that uses both ancient and modern techniques in their practice. With an academic background in biology and computer science, their practice is characterized by an affinity for logic, objectivity, accuracy, and demonstrating technical ability. Their primary focus is to question and redefine traditional astrology with the aim to deviate from the inherent patriarchy and classism in Western astrological traditions. They are a first-year at MIT, intending to major in Computational Biology with a Philosophy minor.


Instagram & Twitter: @astrobydeon

Sabrina Monarch | she/her

Sabrina Monarch gained an unconventional education in creative writing by discovering an online writing community at age 12 and gaining dozens of mentors who would help her learn how to write for the next several years. She developed an interest in astrology at a young age as well, and took the craft deeper at the age of 21 when she had a significant spiritual awakening that resulted in undesired psychiatric intervention. To find direction in the midst of profound crisis, she connected with her first of many astrology mentors. She writes weekly forecasts at, is the host of a podcast about spiritual lifestyle and personal evolution called Magic of the Spheres, and she teaches an online Evolutionary Astrology Intensive. Sabrina is widely appreciated for her poetic voice and capacity to name subtle, abstract undercurrents of any particular astrological moment. She has an M.A. in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness from the California Institute of Integral Studies and currently resides in the Bay Area of California.
@sabrinamonarch – IG , @Sabrina_monarch – Twitter, Sabrina Monarch on Facebook

Michael J. Morris | they/them/their

Michael J. Morris is a writer, an educator, a facilitator, an artist, a witch, an astrologer, and a tarot reader who supports folks in making meaning of their lives as a practice of personal and collective healing and liberation. They have a consulting practice called Co Witchcraft Offerings, and they are also a Visiting Assistant Professor at Denison University where they teach in Women’s and Gender Studies, Queer Studies, and Environmental Studies. They hold a PhD in Dance Studies from The Ohio State University.
IG: cowitchcraftofferings, FB: cowitchcraftofferings, Twiter: morrismichaelj

Tracey L. Rogers | She/Her

Tracey L. Rogers is a Professional Astrologer, certified Life Coach, Activist and Writer serving clients throughout the city of Philadelphia, nationally and abroad. Tracey’s work has been featured on Newsy Television, and Martha Stewart Weddings, and she has been a regular guest on nationally syndicated talk radio, including the Russ Parr Morning show based in Washington, DC. /
IG: @trae2u / @baby_astrology_and_books | Twitter: @rofrtrae2u | YouTube: Randomness of Rudy | Facebook: Tracey L. Rogers Astrology/Life Coaching

Bear Ryver | he/him

Bear Ryver is a counseling and lecturing Astrologer and Reiki Master living on unceded Huchuin Ohlone lands (Pinole, California). He holds certificates in Horary, Hellenistic, and Electional Astrology. A prior recipient of an AFAN Study Stipend (2019) and OPA’s Most Promising Astrologer Scholarship (2018), Bear now sits on AFAN’s Steering Committee and is the Outreach Chair for NCGR SF. Integrating his experience and passion for community service, he is committed to increasing the visibility and inclusion QTBIPOC astrologers in the astro-world.
IG @astral.ids TW @Astral_ids [email protected]

Six @BlackWomenCry | She/they

Six is an Astrologer, Intimacy doula, and Human Sexuality doctoral student that promotes sex-positivity and self explorations. Six offers workshops, consultations, and partnerships that encourage individuals to seek, obtain, and maintain meaningful relationships and realizations.
@blackwomencry (tiktok/Instagram/twitter/YouTube)


Aaya Samadhi | she/her

Instagram: @aayasamadhi Facebook: Aaya Samadhi

Taylor Ursula | she/her

Taylor Ursula is a writer and publisher exploring karmic layers and patterns. through astrology and other healing modalities, she pursues the wisdom within the subconscious realm. she is currently assembling the sixth issue of queer memoir magazine Selfish.
IG & twitter @thatssopisces