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(Lectures are 60 min. unless noted otherwise.)

Rebecca Gordon


How to Predict Your Next 12 Months

  • Learn optimal timing for love, business, travel and more.
  • Use the cosmic tools to plan your days, weeks, and months
  • How to align with the planetary and lunar cycles to access your greater potential

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Timothy Halloran

SATURDAY AUGUST 3 at 11am Pacific Time

Healing Approaches in Birth Chart Interpretation

Our birth chart reveals the depth of ourselves including the bottom of the barrel of some of the toughest struggles and deepest psychological conditions we encounter in our lives. In approaching the birth chart as a blueprint for healing the great benefit and potential of what astrology can offer humanity can be explored, tested and utilized. In this talk we will investigate that potential and where it may be expanding in the near future; Indications of healing directions in the birth chart and guidelines of how to approach such areas in client work with delicacy and care will be discussed as food for thought to anyone interested in the fields of astrology and healing whether just starting to read charts or having already had a solid practice for years.

video premiere | 60 min.

Thea Wirsching

SATURDAY AUGUST 3 at 1pm Pacific Time

The Rhythm of Self-Care: Ceres in the Birth Chart

Over the past several years, I have explored the role Ceres plays in the natal chart in readings focused on the client's relationship to food.  Though most of us assume that relationship to food should be uncomplicated, disordered eating is rampant, and I find that every person's "food story" is both deeply personal and highly individual.  

The personal and individual nature of relationship to food suggests that the daily rhythm of eating and food preparation is in fact much more meaningful than we have imagined, and the planet Ceres is the astrological index of this most fundamental act of self-care.  

My talk will explore how our relationship to food is imprinted by the energetic rhythm of our mother or care-taker. I will discuss how Ceres manifests through the signs using examples, and then offer ideas for how we can re-conceptualize relationship to food toward helping clients heal their food anxiety, food shame, and disordered eating.  Note: I won't be giving out any nutritional advice or dieting tips! My work with Ceres focuses instead on how to increase feelings of groundedness and abundance by creating positive rituals around food.

Sonja Francis

SATURDAY AUGUST 3 at 3pm Pacific Time

React vs. Respond - Where in the Chart Can We Learn About Our Emotional Maturity?

Where can we see the capacity for emotional maturity in our chart? We will take a look at our own birth charts to see how we can support ourselves and others on the path towards becoming emotionally healthy, responding beings.

Jasmine Richardson

SATURDAY AUGUST 3 at 5pm Pacific Time

Counseling The Alchemical Goddess

In this course, we will invite deeper understanding of Venus as “The Alchemical Goddess.” This archetype was first articulated by Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D. in Goddesses in Everywoman.   We will also show how clients might direct this energy toward self-empowerment, using ideas and principles from the Qabalah.

We’ll look at the symbols and pathways of the Tree of Life through the lens of astrology. The goal of this discussion is to highlight Venus while exploring the Tree of Life as a potential tool for steering the astrologer-client relationship and enhancing client growth.

video premiere | 60 min.

Vanessa Montgomery

SATURDAY AUGUST 3 at 7PM Pacific Time

The Astrology of Peak Unicorn, Mindfulness...and Millennial Pink!

This visual feast is useful for anyone wanting to understand creative trends in popular culture, or self-exploration of the nebulous plumes of Neptunian fog in your own chart and life. To understand the sign of our times while we’re in the fishbowl, we look at Neptune Now, and discuss how to make the most of its mystic opportunity.

Theo Naicker

SUNDAY AUGUST 4 at 9am Pacific Time

Decoding Jupiter and Saturn Return Charts

A “return” marks the moment when a transiting planet returns to its natal position. This shows a re-emphasis of the natal theme of that planet in your life through a new lens. In this talk we will focus on a straightfoward set of techniques to decipher the two returns which carry the most influence on our social and personal development as citizens of the world and custodians of community: the Jupiter and Saturn Return charts. Seeing the pearls of wisdom contained within these often-neglected charts provides astrologers with a powerful and dynamic context for all transits, progressions, and solar arc indicators.

LeAnn Lacy

SUNDAY AUGUST 4 at 11AM Pacific Time

Astrology, Alchemy and Jung: Transformations of the Soul

This informal presentation will briefly overview the importance of alchemy and astrology in Carl Jung’s psychoanalytic work with his own clients to provide a framework for integrating alchemical wisdom in your astrological work with clients.  

We’ll focus on the therapeutic applications of transits, progressions, and solar arcs through the lens of Jung’s individuation process and the alchemical transformations of the soul described in the 16th century illuminated alchemical text Splendor Solis (The Splendour of the Sun).

Using a selection of chart examples from her client files, LeAnn will translate and apply the allegorical and philosophical planetary symbolism found in this beautiful, mysterious text into simple practical language and ideas that will deepen your ability to support clients undergoing powerful life-changing transitions.

video premiere | 40 min.

Shakirah Tabourn

SUNDAY AUGUST 4 at 1PM Pacific Time

Millennials and Beyond: An Astrological View of Generations

Many of us know that Pluto’s transit through a sign is a marker of generational influence. However, the sub-generations that form through the transits of the other outer planets are worthy of deeper analysis for a multifaceted view of a particular group.

This lecture focuses on Pluto in Scorpio aka Millennials and their generational signatures, as well as providing a glimpse into the Pluto in Sagittarius generation aka Gen Z, and beyond. We’ll take a look at the mundane events that occurred while Pluto was in Scorpio, their correlation to planetary patterns, and the resulting generational traits that are apparent in Millennials. This lecture will provide a more nuanced understanding of what makes a Millennial a Millennial, what distinguishes them from other generations, and their presumed destiny as a collective group.

Cameron Allen 

SUNDAY AUGUST 4 at 3PM Pacific Time

Saturn: Restructuring the Limitations and Boundaries

For such a long time, Saturn was seen as a source of challenge, discipline, and hardship. That has not changed much. What has changed is our understanding of Saturn.

Is Saturn itself going through a restructuring? Or is it that our understanding of Saturn is becoming a more holistic one?

In this lecture we'll tune in to the holistic energetic architecture of the planet Saturn.

Priya Kale

SUNDAY AUGUST 4 at 5pm Pacific Time

Chiron - The Masterkey

Chiron is the Masterkey to unlocking an astrological chart, one’s life’s purpose, and the gates of time — into timelessness. This is a presentation on a simple, yet profoundly effective therapeutic technique using Chiron's transits to delve deeper into the natal chart, and individual's journey of healing and self-realization.

Nathan Mitchell 

SUNDAY AUGUST 4 at 7PM Pacific Time

Mars, Aries, and Scorpio. Living at Your Physical and Emotional Edge.

Aries and Scorpio are the fiercest and most intense astrological energies. For some people they can be too much, but for others they are a necessity. Most people think if you are a wolf living amongst lambs you’ve got it made. But sometimes it can easy to be shamed out of your true nature.

This talk will explore how to walk in the fire of Aries and dive into the depths of Scorpio in a way that honours the needs of your soul while living in harmony with a much softer and fragile world.

Samuel Reynolds


The Astrological Destiny of African Americans

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In his 75-minute presentation, Reynolds will use astrology to detail and discuss the importance of the presence of Africans in the Americas for Africans, other Americans, and the world at large. He will look at multiple charts and planetary cycles for key events, like the 1619 arrival of the first Africans to North America as indentured servants in Virginia as well as important events from Brazil and the Caribbean.

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