Uranian Astrology & the Hidden Universe within your Chart


with Mychal Bryan | he/him

Beneath the obvious layout of each of our charts there exists a micro-Universe of energetic forces in a state of constant flux and dynamic relationship. However, for the most part our usual approach to Astrology only shows us those components in our chart that are big and obvious for all the world to see. Come and explore the hidden inner heart of Astrology through the microscope of Uranian Astrology. You’ll learn about the ancient roots of this approach, simple tools that you can integrate within your current astrological practice, why Uranian Astrologers still use 8 hypothetical planets that haven’t been discovered yet, and why the Uranian System is called the Astrology of Tomorrow. 

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Mychal A. Bryan, NCGR-PAA III, CSH-II is a certified professional Astrologer, broadcast journalist, and hypnotherapist living and practicing in Nassau, Bahamas. He is thoroughly trained in both Renaissance and Uranian Astrology by the leading Astrologers in those fields. He is a lifelong student and practitioner of the Western Mystery Tradition of which Astrology, Hermeticism, and the Qabalistic Tarot are central pillars. He is the founder of the Oraculos School of Astrology where he offers a comprehensive training in concrete, practical and deeply soulful Astrology. He is the creator of the Oraculos True Divination Podcast which can be found on YouTube. In 2020 he created the Blind Chart Reading Academy where he teaches Astrologers how to become even sharper in their chart delineation skills through blind chart analysis using classical methods, harmonics, and midpoints.


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