The Craft of Astrological Writing & Forecasting


with Sabrina Monarch, she/her

What goes into producing your own astrological content? This talk will explore techniques for getting oriented to forecasting specifically, how to speak directly to your desired audience, and how to create content that creates value in people’s lives and brings them back again and again. It can feel like a tall, nebulous order to articulate a moment in time – what do you name? What do you leave out? What do you leave your audience with? We will demystify some potentially overwhelming aspects of the forecasting process and also discuss ways to orient your perception to this craft when you’re away from your desk – how to integrate and synthesize observations from daily life, and how to personally relate or detach from the work. This lecture is for astrological content creators who are just starting out or people who have been creating for a while who’d like some more perspective.

Prerecorded and available for instant download

1hr 25 min | includes audio, video, and slides


Bio: Sabrina Monarch gained an unconventional education in creative writing by discovering an online writing community at age 12 and gaining dozens of mentors who would help her learn how to write for the next several years. She developed an interest in astrology at a young age as well, and took the craft deeper at the age of 21 when she had a significant spiritual awakening that resulted in undesired psychiatric intervention. To find direction in the midst of profound crisis, she connected with her first of many astrology mentors. She writes weekly forecasts at, is the host of a podcast about spiritual lifestyle and personal evolution called Magic of the Spheres, and she teaches an online Evolutionary Astrology Intensive. Sabrina is widely appreciated for her poetic voice and capacity to name subtle, abstract undercurrents of any particular astrological moment. She has an M.A. in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness from the California Institute of Integral Studies and currently resides in the Bay Area of California.


IG: @sabrinamonarch
Twitter: @sabrina_monarch
Facebook: Sabrina Monarch


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