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Montgomery teaches you easy methods and tools to work your woo + how to spot and avoid the pitfalls.

Neptune is in Pisces. How’s the Magical Mystery Tour unfolding in your life?  Neptune is a generational indicator and ‘the sign of the times’ we remember a decade for, due to its lonnng transit time through each sign.

The house Neptune is moving through in your birth chart is the area of your life that keeps slipping through your fingers. The flip side: Magic Happens. Like George Micheal promised, you’ve got to have faith.

In the area of your birthchart Neptune is passing through now, you’ll be experiencing a series of disappearing acts as well as Unicorns (magic). I’ll teach you how to give manifesting your potential a red hot go under this transit, as it only happens once in a lifetime. Think you can handle it? ⭐️ Regardless of your sign, come to terms with tears, soul seeking and your magic. Surrender to a higher power and experience the soul connection you know you were born for.

Pre-recorded webinar available for instant download.

1 hr. 31 min. | includes video and audio

Level: all levels


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