Pallas Athena – Creative Intelligence at Work


The feminine asteroids are nuanced expressions of yin, feminine energy in the psychology of both men and women. Pallas Athena is the feminine asteroid associated with creativity, profession and work. Her rich mythology is a relevant indicator for orientation and events in those areas. We’ll look at her myth and explore its meaning in charts and an interesting case study using progressions, solar arc directions, transits, and solar return examples to illustrate her impact.

1 hr. 24 min. | includes video and audio for instant viewing and download

Cheryl HopkinsAbout Cheryl Hopkins

My interest in astrology opened after a life changing consultation with my first mentor. It led to my becoming a devoted student of astrology and spiritual wisdom. I’ve since studied with leading professionals in the astrological and metaphysical fields and am a Level II graduate of Steven Forrest’s Evolutionary Astrology Apprenticeship Program.

Along my journey I’ve presented at conferences, consulted with clients for over twenty years and mentored others seeking to deepen their understanding of astrology. As an empowering guide to the astrology of your life I see the natal chart as an energy map. My goal is to support you with insightful, useful translations of your personal road map.

When not focused on astrology I’m on my yoga mat, crocheting, knitting, out in nature or cooking up something good. Connect with me at


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