The Place of Accomplishment in Nativities and Elections


with Mo, she/her

A section of Valens’ anthology clues us into the idea that we can use the Lot of Fortune as a second ascendant. This talk was inspired by something that Robert Hand points out in one of his talks on sect, when he was looking at Bill Gates’ chart. The 11th sign/house from the Lot of Fortune is thought to be the place of Accomplishment or Acquisition. This sign and its ruler can implicate what we acquire and the types off successes we are likely to have. I mostly want to focus on this sign, its lord, and how you could use this knowledge in electional astrology.

Pre-recorded and available for instant viewing.
1hr 24 min | includes video, audio, and slides.
Bio: I’m Mo, a “Traditional” Astrologer, Tarot Reader, and Pharmacology Graduate student! I’ve had an on and off relationship with astrology, but have spent the past three years getting extremely serious about the technical art. Most of my knowledge and practice centers on Hellenistic or Medieval Astrology, and I am a huge fan of Solar Returns for prediction. I’m originally from Texas, lived in Philadelphia for a while, and am currently located in Toronto.
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