Moods & Moon Cycles: Astrology For Self-Care


with Mecca Woods

In astrology, the Moon symbolizes our emotional needs, the way in which we express our feelings, and how we respond to stressful situations. This workshop will be geared towards teaching attendees how to work with Moon transits and their natal moon as a tool for self-care during stressful times.

What we’ll cover:

  • Moon signs in the birth chart
  • How to identify personal Moon cycles
  • Examples of how the Moon affects us on a daily basis
  • Wellness tips for stressful times according to Moon sign
  • Resources for tracking the Moon

Available for instant download – Includes video and audio

Included in the Fresh Voices Summit 1.0  


About Mecca
Mecca is a New York City-based Astrologer and Writer. Her featured appearances include Bustle, Essence, XoNecole, PopSugar and most recently, I AM & CO. In addition to her astrology column on Bustle, Mecca also co-hosts the astrology podcast Stars On Fire and teaches workshops on astrology and personal development. Her book, Astrology For Happiness and Success (Adams Media), is scheduled for release in Fall 2018. Her most important job though, is being a mom to her amazing Aries daughter.

You can find Mecca at: