Millennials and Beyond – An Astrological View of Generations


with Kirah Tabourn

Many of us know that Pluto’s transit through a sign is a marker of generational influence. However, the sub-generations that form through the transits of the other outer planets are worthy of deeper analysis for a multifaceted view of a particular group.

This lecture focuses on Pluto in Scorpio aka Millennials and their generational signatures, as well as providing a glimpse into the Pluto in Sagittarius generation aka Gen Z, and beyond. We’ll take a look at the mundane events that occurred while Pluto was in Scorpio, their correlation to planetary patterns, and the resulting generational traits that are apparent in Millennials. This lecture will provide a more nuanced understanding of what makes a Millennial a Millennial, what distinguishes them from other generations, and their presumed destiny as a collective group.

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Shakirah Tabourn

About Shakirah Shakirah of The Strology and NFLUX Mag is a practicing astrologer, writer, organizer and creator. She is self-taught and combines modern and traditional techniques to offer a unique style of astrology to her clients and students. She hosts a monthly meetup for astrology enthusiasts of all levels, as well as monthly dinners for NYC area astrologers in addition to hosting workshops and moon circles. Her quarterly astrology & culture magazine, NFLUX Mag, features interviews, seasonal horoscopes, embodiment activities and more. Her first book releases in early 2020. You can learn more about her offerings and upcoming events on her website & on social media  @thestrology / @nfluxmag.