Mars, Aries, and Scorpio – Living at Your Physical and Emotional Edge


With Nathan Mitchell

Aries and Scorpio are the fiercest and most intense astrological energies. For some people they can be too much, but for others they are a necessity. Most people think if you are a wolf living amongst lambs you’ve got it made. But sometimes it can easy to be shamed out of your true nature.

This talk will explore how to walk in the fire of Aries and dive into the depths of Scorpio in a way that honours the needs of your soul while living in harmony with a much softer and fragile world.

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Nathan Mitchell

About Nathan
Nathan Mitchell has been studying astrology for over a decade. His primary areas of focus are the natal chart, transits, and synsatry. He draws from the evolutionary and psychological schools of thought. Nathan has found astrology to be an amazing tool for self discovery and deliberately creating the life you want while riding the energetic weather patterns of life.


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