Fresh Voices Summit 2.0


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Virtual astrology summit featuring some of the hottest new astrologers in the industry.

12 astrologers present 12 engaging lectures on a variety of special topics in astrology. Order now for access to all 12 of these lectures, plus a bonus talk by Samuel Reynolds!

Rebecca Gordon
Presenting: How to Predict Your Next 12 Months

Jasmine Richardson
Presenting: Counseling the Alchemical Goddess

Vanessa Montgomery
Presenting: The Astrology of Peak Unicorn, Mindfulness…and Millennial Pink!

Nathan Mitchell
Presenting: Mars, Aries, and Scorpio. Living at Your Physical and Emotional Edge.

Shakirah Tabourn
Presenting: Millennials and Beyond: An Astrological View of Generations

Thea Wirsching
Presenting: The Rhythm of Self-Care: Ceres in the Birth Chart

Cameron Allen
Presenting: Saturn – Restructuring the Limitations and Boundaries

Sonja Francis
Presenting: React vs. Respond – Where in the Chart Can We Learn About Our Emotional Maturity?

Timothy Halloran
Presenting: Healing Approaches in Birth Chart Interpretation

Theo Naicker
Presenting: Decoding Jupiter and Saturn Return Charts

LeAnn Lacy
Presenting: Astrology, Alchemy and Jung – Transformations of the Soul

Priya Kale
Presenting: Chiron – The Masterkey

Samuel Reynolds
Bonus content – The Astrological Destiny of African Americans


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