Fresh Voices Summit 1.0


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This summit was a 2-day virtual event, recorded July 28-29, 2018. Your host Tony Howard was joined by 12 other gifted astrologers to share insights that illuminate your connection with the cosmos.

Our presenters speak, teach, write and consult as professional astrologers. They represent varied approaches and backgrounds, and many have active and popular blogs, thriving consulting practices, a bustling social media presence, and/or inspire through teaching astrology.

One thing we all have in common: a mission to connect with others through astrology in order to facilitate healing, empowerment and informed choices.

Our Mission: to support diversity in the astrological community, provide a platform for sharing new and innovative work, and facilitate a space for cross-discipline dialogue among the many astrological approaches we know and love.

Includes the following stimulating webinars:

Jessica Lanyadoo
Love, Intimacy, and You

Cheryl Hopkins
Pallas Athena: Creative Intelligence At Work

Safron Rossi
Waves Become Wings – Neptune, Betrayal and the Myth of Ariadne

Colin Bedell
A Course in Astrological Miracles

Aubrie De Clerck
Chiron: Key to Our Careers

Christina Caudill
The Transformational Power of Eclipses

Chartreuse Tembo Barriere
Venus: Your Key to Self-value and Healthy Relationships

Tony Howard
How “Bad” Planets Can Be Your Best Assets

Chad Harris
What is Astrology Designed to Do?

Wade Caves
Marrying Earth and Sky: Case Studies from a Horary Practitioner

Amy Alexandro Jones
Enlightened Parenting through Astrology

Cassandra Tyndall
Predicting with Profections

Mecca Woods
Moods & Moon Cycles: Astrology For Self-Care

BONUS: Mars Retrograde Survival Guide
Tony Howard shares tips and strategies for successfully navigating the 2018 Mars retrograde cycle.


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