Enlightened Parenting through Astrology


Amy Alexandro Jones presents a lecture on the benefits of parenting using astrology.

Parenting is hard. Astrology helps. In this presentation I explore the ways that astrology helps me be a better Mom — from weathering personal crises to That Time My Son Got a Pencil Stuck in His Head.

Astrology can help parents love more mindfully, accept themselves and their children more compassionately, and see the hope and opportunity present in each moment. I’ll share the astrological techniques that have deepened my family relationships, helped me understand my child, and helped me find myself. Use these tools often or only when you need them — they can help you be a healthier, happier parent, caregiver, or counselor, too.

52 min. | includes video and audio for instant viewing and download

amy alexadro jones

About Amy Alexandro Jones

Amy is a Master level astrologer through Steven Forrest’s Apprenticeship Program. Amy is drawn to the evolutionary approach because of its focus on compassion, personal empowerment and hope.

Amy’s writing has been published in The Mountain Astrologer and on www.astro.com.

Along with Astrology, the Catholic and Franciscan tenets she grew up with inspire and inform her work: Live lovingly, care for creation, proclaim joy and hope, be a living instrument of peace.

In her work with clients she offers practical, real-world solutions: guiding clients to move forward with freedom, peace, courage, and grace.


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