Casting Lots—An Ancient Technique Revived


with Jake Green (he/him)

The misunderstood art of casting lots has largely fallen out of favor amongst 21st century astrologers. Yet zodiacal releasing, a technique predicated on the lots, is growing in popularity. The lots have become widely accepted as significant yet their significance isn’t widely understood. In this lecture, we will discuss what the lots are, where they came from, how and why they’re calculated, what they’re used for, how they’re interpreted, and an overview of the Hermetic Lots.

Prerecorded and available for instant download

1hr 43min | includes video

Jake is a queer, 29-year-old consulting astrologer from NC. As an HBCU alumni, he studied social work and psychology under the tutelage of Black women, which informs his consulting practice. Primarily focusing on Hellenistic and Arabic techniques, his work aims to re-imagine how these ancient systems of astrology mesh with the unique context of our modern lives.



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