The Birth Chart Of The World


with Kirah Tabourn (she/her)

The Thema Mundi is an ancient teaching tool that has become somewhat lost in modern astrological discourse. The Thema Mundi, also known as the birth chart of the world, is a chart that illustrates the reasoning behind a variety of astrological concepts and techniques such as essential dignity, aspects, sect, and more. It’s a foundational tool that can help tie a lot of concepts together to help folks find more cohesion in their astrological practice. In this webinar, Kirah will introduce the Thema Mundi and work through all of its different uses as a phenomenal teaching tool.

Kirah is an astrologer, creative, and educator passionate about increasing intersectionality and accessibility within the astrology community. She is the founder of NFLUX, an astrology & culture magazine that centers and celebrates POC & queer folks in spirituality, art, and activism. She hosts a virtual community called The Eleventh House for students and lovers of astrology to connect and is launching her first astrology course in March. Kirah is also the Director of Fresh Voices in Astrology, a platform that spotlights emerging astrologers in the field. She has a hit podcast called The Strology Show where she engages in educational conversations with other astrologers in the field. She will be speaking at NORWAC 2021, and her first book, Zodiac Signs: Pisces was released in February 2020. She’s currently working on her second to be published by Not A Cult Media.

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