Falling in Love

December 15, 2019

Falling in Love: The Alchemical Descent of the Soul

This webinar will illuminate how alchemical dynamics in the synastry chart of lovers produces a treasure trove of information for the therapeutically oriented astrologer. Using a Jungian perspective, we will apply clues found in the 16th century alchemical text Rosarium Philosophorum to explore how the counseling astrologer can identify relational patterns of transformation between two souls in the synastry chart.

We’ll explore how falling in love is a descent of the soul that often triggers defenses, doubts, and fears in our clients that can be assisted with the help of astrology.In the area of your birthchart Neptune is passing through now, you’ll be experiencing a series of disappearing acts as well as Unicorns (magic). I’ll teach you how to give manifesting your potential a red hot go under this transit, as it only happens once in a lifetime.

Your instructor: LeAnn Lacy