The Prenatal Eclipse Point & The Soul’s Journey

prenatal eclipse Apr 30, 2019

by Cheryl Hopkins

Among the karmic indicators in the astrological chart, the prenatal eclipse point (PNP) doesn’t get a lot of love as compared to Saturn, the lunar nodes and Chiron. The role these heavy hitters play has been in astrological usage longer, so they're more familiar. Each contributes to understanding a particular type of karma within the overall karmic imprint of the chart. Adding the PNP to your toolkit brings a nuanced identifier of what must be developed in a specific area of life to move forward in one’s spiritual evolutionary journey.

What is the Prenatal Eclipse Point?
The PNP is the solar eclipse that occurs prior to your birth. To find it, look in an ephemeris or do a google search for "solar eclipses in the year ____"  (enter the year you were born). The eclipse closest to your birth within the 6-months before is your PNP.

A general topline view shows it has similar associations as a solar eclipse. It invites you to open wider, to take...

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