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 with Déjà Lewis

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Vocational Astrology is a study that amplifies and clarifies the various callings that exists within us all, in this lecture I will attempt to walk people through a vocational analysis. I’ll start by defining and explaining my take on vocational astrology by laying out traditional and classical philosophies and practices and comparing them to what I’ve come to learn to be true in a modern context. I will point out the role that capitalism has played in our lives and how it has distorted our idea of living out our passions. I hope to broaden peoples perspective on how to tap into their purpose on this earth while offering insight that encourages people to explore their passions outside of the “capitalist grind”. This webinar would dive into the basics of assessing the Midheaven, Lord of the MC, and their relationship to the ASC, Lord of the ASC, and Sect Light. I will explain each planet and their vocational expression and I’ll analyze the expression of the zodiac signs by grouping them according to their modality and element.

Déjà Lewis is a practicing consulting traditional astrologer who is deeply passionate about developing a life philosophy using astrology, spirituality, transformative justice, and self expression. She ties in her philosophical background into her work by offering thought provoking insight that calls folks to question their existence on Earth. Déjà has been studying traditional astrology for 4 years and began her professional practice about a year ago. She meets with clients and creates timely and education content on Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter.

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