The Prenatal Eclipse Point & The Soul’s Journey

by Cheryl Hopkins

Among the karmic indicators in the astrological chart, the prenatal eclipse point (PNP) doesn’t get a lot of love as compared to Saturn, the lunar nodes and Chiron. The role these heavy hitters play has been in astrological usage longer, so they’re more familiar. Each contributes to understanding a particular type of karma within the overall karmic imprint of the chart. Adding the PNP to your toolkit brings a nuanced identifier of what must be developed in a specific area of life to move forward in one’s spiritual evolutionary journey.

What is the Prenatal Eclipse Point?
The PNP is the solar eclipse that occurs prior to your birth. To find it, look in an ephemeris or do a google search for “solar eclipses in the year ____”  (enter the year you were born). The eclipse closest to your birth within the 6-months before is your PNP.

A general topline view shows it has similar associations as a solar eclipse. It invites you to open wider, to take in more of life, to begin anew in the area described by the house placement, it’s sign and aspects in the chart. The PNP is a karmic course corrector showing what qualities need to be developed in a specific area of life to move to the next level in soul growth.

The positive qualities of the PNP’s sign describe the attitude to be cultivated in the chief activities of the area of life signified by the eclipse, while factoring in any aspects to it from other points in the chart.

Remembering that a solar eclipse is a new moon within orb of the lunar nodal axis, the PNP can be connected to nodal interpretation, too. You can find the PNP in the same sign and same house as one of the nodes; in the same sign; adjacent house of the nodes or different sign and house altogether.

Depending on its position, the PNP can be interpreted in its relation to the nodes or as a separate karmic story altogether. When it is in relation to the nodes it is like another layer or offshoot of the story. When it is separate, it is an additional perspective to be developed on top of the karmic underpinning of the chart.

During my webinar on this often overlooked signature, I’ll touch upon the different karmic indicators in the chart and the kind of karma I see them representing. We’ll look at what makes the PNP distinct within the chart. I’ll share how I decode it by sign and house. Chart examples will look at support or challenging aspects to it and how it connects to the nodal story. I hope you’ll join us.

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