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Jupiter in Sagittarius: When do we get to the good part?

by Amy Jones

When it comes to astrological symbols, if you’re looking for excitement and inspiration, Jupiter is one of the biggies. Not only is it the largest planet in our solar system, but it’s also named after Jupiter in mythology, the most divine ruler. The planetary symbol of growth, luck, blessings, wisdom, faith, risk and joy, Jupiter in our natal charts show us where we naturally have those qualities. We’re born with them and other people likely notice them.

But to quote a poster in my son’s middle school, “There’s no triumph without ‘umph’.” To make the best of our Jupiter gifts, we have to work up some moxie and go for it. There are symbols in our charts that call for patience, or compassion, or partnership. Those aren’t Jupiter. Jupiter wants you to put on or straighten your crown. And Jupiter wants you to have some fun while you do it. This is the energy of celebration.

Every twelve years, Jupiter returns to its own sign for a year, as it did on November 8th, 2018 when Jupiter first entered Sagittarius.

I’m a Sagittarius. I’d been awaiting the year-long transit of Jupiter through Sagittarius the way my son waits for summer vacations: Just knowing how free I’d feel, how happy, how hopeful – basking in sunshine and opportunities. Jupiter in Sagittarius was going to be my very favorite thing.

Now that we’re a few months in, I can say I’ve had some moments like that, but not consistently. So now I’m wondering, “When do we get to the good part?!”

Sagittarius is a symbol of adventure and higher learning, connecting dots for meaning and inspiration. On April 20, I’ll be presenting a webinar so we can explore this Jupiter in Sagittarius territory together. Beyond basic keywords, what does this transit mean for us on a deeper level? In the webinar, we’ll trace the symbolism of Jupiter’s path out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius and see how it fits with the current nodal axis of Capricorn and Cancer for us as a collective. We’ll look at Jupiter square Neptune and Jupiter retrograde. And we’ll examine what Jupiter in Sagittarius means for us personally, too, uncovering the hope and good news of the past few months and the next ten.

When I speak about love I always wind up moved. And that’s the main truth I want to share about the Jupiter in Sagittarius adventure. As we make sense of where we’ve been and create meaningful future goals, some Jupiter lessons are constant: the individual ways we’re here to give and receive love and the inspiring breadth of who we already are.

I hope you’ll join me for the webinar. Crown optional.

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