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Jessica Lanyadoo

Timeless wisdom for the modern lover

Mecca Woods

Pop astrology queen extraordinaire

Presenting: Moods & Moon Cycles: Astrology For Self-Care

Amy Alexandro Jones

Living spirituality through planetary guidance

Presenting: Enlightened Parenting through Astrology

Cassandra Tyndall

Ancient wisdom for modern warriors

Presenting: Predicting with Profections

Colin Bedell

Word-wizard and spiritual cheerleader

Presenting: A Course in Astrological Miracles

Chartreuse Tembo Barriere

Embodied goddess

Presenting: Venus - Your Key to Self-value and Healthy Relationships

Aubrie De Clerck

Practical guidance to rock your career

Presenting: Chiron - Key to Our Careers

Chad Harris

Brain-exploding achetype whiz

Presenting: What is Astrology Designed To Do?

Cheryl Hopkins

Karma and keeping it real

Presenting: Pallas Athena - Creative Intelligence At Work

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December 15, 2018

Combining Transits and Progressions

with Cassandra Tyndall

Discover how to interpret cycles and recognize "VIP planets" for accurate astro timing. Learn how to combine transits and progressions for great timing readings.

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